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More than 2 hours of test driven application design from the ground up.

Rediscover the Joy of Design

This screencast is for the programmer who has suffered building traditional web applications. It describes quickly build applications by focusing on design patterns and boundaries. The resulting applications are easier to extend, maintain, and test. This is happens by addressing common design problems with a fresh approach. The screencast focus on these points:

You have probably heard about all of these things before but have been unsure how to make the jump. I've covered all of these things in the Joy of Design series. This screencast will show how to put those ideas into action and take back control of your codebases. I'll talk you through writing an application from scratch with explanations and visibility into the thought process along the way. By end of the screencast you will know the how and understand the why.

Ground Up with Sinatra & Friends

Follow along building a complete application with my ideal gem stack. There is no coupling here. Try a new approach by working with specifically chosen gems and protocols. We'll walk through the ins-and-outs of creating the domain classes, form objects, persistence, and powerful middleware abstractions. Watch the application come together in realtime. Join the mailing list to keep updated and receive a coupon when the screencast is available.

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